Freak Flat Close
12–16 July 2023
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We are aware that you would like to know whether the Gurtenfestival 2020 is taking place or not. Unfortunately, we are in a difficult not to say an absurd situation: Based on today’s knowledge of Covid-19 and the progress of the situation, despite all hope and realistically we do not assume that we can let 80’000 people celebrate over four days in a confined space in mid-July. From a legal point of view, we need a corresponding regulation from the Federal Council for a cancellation. If we cancel without an official regulation, we take the risk that different stakeholders could enforce their financial claims. This would be an unpredictable, but certainly considerable sum. The situation is unusual for everyone, many things are legally unclear or undetermined. We have stopped all non-urgent work since the beginning of March so that besides the costs already accumulated, we do not cause unnecessary running idle and further costs. We have been preparing for various scenarios since then, but unfortunately, our hands are tied now and we can not make a final decision on our own.

Due to this uncertain situation, today we decided to stop ticket pre-sale for the moment. If we are able to carry the festival out, we will of course reactivate it immediately. If the festival is cancelled due to an event ban, you will be able to return your ticket.

We are sorry, we cannot make a clear announcement today and have to put you off for another week.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Take care and stay healthy!

Your Gurtenfestival-Team