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More room for jubilations

One thing is clear: the 2018 edition of the Gurtenfestival will be the biggest one ever! And we’re not talking about the number of visitors, but “only” about the festival grounds that have practically doubled in size compared to previous years. In other words: same number of fans, but lots more room for everyone!

Here is a quick overview: The Marquee is now located in the newly enlarged part of the festival grounds where the sleeping zone used to be (near the eastern vantage point above the meadow overlooking Wabern/Kehrsatz). Festival visitors now can enjoy a beautiful view of the Alps and the city of Bern. The Marquee itself was also enlarged to offer more comfort for the audience.

The Waldbühne – the stage dedicated to an exquisite Swiss-only line-up – also received a new home. It is located where the Marquee used to be and now offers much more room for local bands to showcase their music.

The main stage is still where it used to be, but the central portions of the festival grounds have undergone some major changes. The fantastic buildings of our sponsors have moved back a bit and are now located behind the upper passageway, improving the view onto the main stage and increasing the size of the natural amphitheatre that makes the Gurten so spectacular.

The Dance Tents were also completely revamped. To begin with, the Cosmo Drome, the Supermercado, and the Soundgarden are perfect places to dance the night away to the music of national and international top DJs and acts. And in addition, the Dance Tents are a state-of-the-art experience for your eyes and ears as well!

In order for the sleeping zone to continue to provide enough room for three thousand 2-person igloo tents it has been expanded downhill (towards the Gurten funicular and the forest). This part of the hill may be a bit steeper, but it also means that the tents won’t get hit by the sun until later in the day, and thanks to the forest the sleeping zone is now nestled into cosy, natural surroundings on three sides.

So that’s it. The Gurtenfestival: once again more unique than anything else!

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