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Un, dos, tres… Latin sensation Rosalía to come to the Gurtenfestival!

The third instalment of this year’s musical Gurten delicacies is ready to be served, promising an exquisite and very versatile festival. ROSALÍA from Barcelona is going to set the marquee on fire, the RIVAL SONS are bringing new excitement to the entire rock community, while the EDITORS are a feast for indie fans. The line-up will be complemented by J.S. ONDARA and four Swiss acts that earned their “Ticket to Rock” at the Waldbühne Contest that was held last week at the Mühle Hunziken.    

She is 25 years old, hails from Barcelona, produces with Pharell Williams, has two Latin Grammys to her name – and she is about to turn the term “Latin” and what it stands for completely on its head. Her name is ROSALÍA and with her flamenco-trap-rap-house she is going to launch some veritable fireworks on the Gurten marquee on Thursday. It almost goes without saying that this multi-talented artist was also discovered for the big screen (by none other than Pedro Almodóvar), so we’ll be able to see her in cinemas as well – alongside Penélope Cruz, by the way. Another odds-defying artist performing on Thursday is J.S. ONDARAJust imagine: in 2013, a young man leaves Nairobi heading for the States; he teaches himself to play the guitar, he gets signed by a major label despite (or maybe thanks to) his rather unique interpretation of the singer-songwriter genre, and plays himself right into the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Gurten, you have something to look forward to!

The RIVAL SONS from the US are of a slightly different category. Three cheers to Gurten diversity! Their genre is a very palatable, groovy 70’s rock, sometimes reminiscent of Led Zeppelin. And they set it loose on stage with such charisma and passion that one might forget that there have been other styles of music since then. So: Saturday, main stage, wear your hair loose and start rocking! Another rock gem can be enjoyed at the marquee: the EDITORS from Britain with their opulent, beautifully melancholy tunes. Saturday’s opening acts on the main stage will be BLOND, two (you guessed it) blonde sisters and their blind, multi-instrumentalist companion. By the way, the sisters happen to be sisters of the Kummer brothers of Kraftklub (does Gurten 2018 ring a bell?). At any rate, BLOND are bringing us a gigantic dose of Chemnitz power in the form of indie-pop with a bit of Las Vegas glam. Can a Saturday start any better?

The Waldbühne line-up is complete
Now that the four winning bands of the Waldbühne contest have been determined we are happy announce the final acts of this proud venue of the Swiss music scene. The judges and the audience voted for the following bands: THIRTY-THR33 from Schwarzenburg with their catchy full-power-feel-good-pop, LANDRO from Biel thanks to his rhymes with chart-hitting potential, the ROOFTOP SAILORS from Thun with awesome, uncomprimising rock, and GINA ÉTÉ from Basel with dreamy, spherical pop.

Overview of all 2019 Gurten acts

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Dance Tents
The complete programme of the three dance tents (Supermercado, Cosmodrome, and Soundgarden) will be announced in the next few weeks.


Advanced ticket sales for the 2019 Gurtenfestival
Advance ticket sales have started. Currently tickets are still available in almost all categories with the exception of FRI/SAT 2-day passes which are sold-out