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12–16 July 2023
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Boredom makes you inventive, or crazy times call for new solutions:

We have been operating the rapid test center in Belp on behalf of the canton Bern since the beginning of November. Furthermore, we are now also carrying out many mobile test missions for the canton. Even if the first impression does not reveal many similarities to a festival; Conception, construction, communication, people management, software infrastructure, personnel recruitment, process management, etc. – we usually do all of this for our four most beautiful days of the year.

For the medical part we have our partner, DOCs GmbH, whom you normally (hopefully not!) know as our festival paramedics and doctors.

We are very happy about this exciting project and to be able to do our part to fight the pandemic. The fact that the test center offers a place to many people, including those from the cultural sector, who are currently unable to do their usual job, is certainly one of our highlights.


You can get an impression of what the test center looks like and what exactly is happening there, for example, in the Schweiz Aktuell article from February 2, 2021: