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Presale starts on 02.02.22!

???? “Santa baby, I want the Gurtenfestival and really, that’s not a lot

Been an angel all year

Santa baby, so hurry down the Güsche tonight” ????


Happy Monday: Advance booking for Festival 22 starts on 02.02.2022 . Sounds crazy? We couldn’t find a more suitable date ???????? 

For those of you who still can’t remember it that well: Write the date in bold letters on your agenda, calendar, smartphone, wherever! And no, we won’t overdo it with the time, the number goddess will have to be lenient. Tickets will be available in our own Gurtenfestival Ticket Shop on 02.02.22 at 10am.  
It’s simple: set your alarm, have your digital means of payment or voucher codes from 2020 ready & order the tickets of your choice for #GRTN22 on our homepage.

At the same time you will of course get to see the programme, we promise.