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Gurtenfestival 2019: Anticipation extended by a week!

Next year’s Gurtenfestival will return to its regular time slot and will take place one week later than in the past couple of years: from Wednesday, 17th July, to Saturday, 20th July 2019. After all: anticipation is half the fun!

Ready, steady…
The “Rock The Hill” campaign will begin well in advance as always: Starting at exactly 12 o’clock noon on 6th November 2018, at total of 6,000 4-day passes will be offered for the price of 3-day passes. When this allotment is gone, the regular advance ticket sale begins. Talk about passes: Due to high demand, 2-day passes can be purchased again in 2019! And talk about purchase: The Gurtenfestival 2019 will be cashless again. In 2018 the Cashless System was a big success, ensuring short waiting times.

Fine-tuning everywhere
The new grounds concept will be fine-tuned for 2019, but will remain basically the same as in 2018. We will optimise the sleeping zone and the area around the Marquee with its fantastic view of the Bernese Alps. The Waldbühne will stay at its prominent and generous new location, as will the main stage. The new dance tents were received very well, but that does not prevent us from doing some more fine-tuning so that visitors to the Gurtenfestival 2019 will have an even more wonderful experience.

We wish you a wonderful autumn!
Your Gurtenfestival team