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Donate the deposit on your cup or dish or your remaining Cashless balance towards the purchase of an all-terrain Gurtä wheelchair

Once again we join forces with the Cerebral Foundation and hock’n roll to make sure that people with an impairment can enjoy the Gurtenfestival as well. And not just from the side-lines, but right in the middle of everything with an excellent view from the two wheelchair stands.

Committed to making the mountain above Bern accessible for people in wheelchairs

Together we can move mountains – or at the very least make them accessible to people who depend on a wheelchair! At the Gurtenfestival, donate the deposit on your cup or dish or your remaining Cashless balance to the Cerebral Foundation – and together with hock’n roll we’ll finance an all-terrain Gurtä wheelchair!
This wheelchair will be stationed at hock’n roll in Bern from where it can be borrowed out for beautiful excursions in and around Bern.
The Gurtä wheelchair is a Bern original: It is produced regionally, in part by sheltered workshops.

» Additional information (PDF – only German)