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Cancellation Gurtenfestival 2021

And again: The Gurtenfestival 2021 is cancelled.


It seems absurd once again, but unfortunately it didn’t come as a surprise this time.

As of today, we don’t have a permit for our festival this summer. Unlike last year, we were never able to start working properly because of the uncertain situation. So we are already seven months behind. The epidemiological situation is deteriorating again. An announcement from the authorities about possible general conditions, requirements and capacity limits for events in the summer are also not in sight. And so we are stumbling over the well-known lack of planning security. Apart from the fact that, from today’s perspective, the gathering of over 20’000 people per day in a confined space, without distance, once again seems unrealistic and irresponsible to us.

In short: The situation is too uncertain, the lead time too short, the possible protective measures, capacity reductions and conditions too complex and cost-intensive. Unfortunately, for us it is five past 12.


So another year passes without our four favourite days. We would have planned the best bands and a great party. But, next year even more so. It’s an exponential equation (we all know how that works now ;)): no Güsche two years in a row means at least ten times as great a festival the following year. Is that a deal?


Until then: stay healthy, enjoy all the little pleasures of everyday life, indulge in light-heartedness, fun and culture whenever possible!


We do the same, and think of you every now and then.


Stay safe, stay true, your Gurtenfestival-Crew