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Action Bronson and Roosevelt complete the 2019 Gurten stages

We are excited like little kids: On Friday, the US rapper (and painter!) ACTION BRONSON will bring a veritable power punch of rap to the Gurtenfestival and the marquee – both physically and in terms of his music. His current album, “White Bronco”, is exciting because it hits you where you least expect it. That’s because ACTION BRONSON is simply different. His rap doesn’t include training wheels but instead fires up the afterburners. So, get ready for action! Also on Friday, ROOSEVELT is going to serve up his synth-pop hits in the marquee in such a funky way that maybe even the highland cattle in the vicinity are going to swing their behinds to the beat. The young artist from Cologne created his latest album in California, ensuring lots of good vibrations and feelings of an endless summer.

ACTION BRONSON and ROOSEVELT complete the stage line-up of the 2019 Gurtenfestival! What’s going to happen in the three DANCE TENTS (and it’s going to be a lot!) will be announced shortly via all channels imaginable. Until then: Enjoy your anticipation of the four most awesome days in the Swiss festival year!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to scheduling conflicts, YOKKO and MANILLIO have swapped their show days. YOKKO will perform on FRIDAY, MANILLIO on SATURDAY.

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