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12–16 July 2023

The anniversary jute bag is here! A product on the occasion of the 40th Gurtenfestival edition, which we have realized in a limited edition with local partners and proudly present to you here. We think that the jute bag should not be missing in the collection of real Güsche fans. Therefore…


From May 22nd until June 12th you can pre-order the jute bag in 4 color categories (yellowish, greenish, blueish, pinkish) via webshop, so you can get it delivered to your home before the festival. Since each jute bag is unique (more info below), the color may vary from the product image. It has many more great colors, so you can also be surprised: Choose this product, we’ll do “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” and send you your unique piece in a unique color. Brave forth!

After that, it will be available exclusively at the Festival Store from July 12 – 16, during the festival.


We’re happy to tell you a little story about its creation as well. Props to our great partners!



We put the design of the bag out to tender at the beginning of the year. Among the many very cool applications we were convinced by the fantastic Eliot Elsaesser. He is a young artist from Bern, who has been at the Gurtenfestival since his childhood. As a visitor, but also as part of the crew, because his family ran the crêpes stand for a long time.

We love the hidden object vibe of his design and always discover new details ourselves.



Our partner Rework sewed the jute bags from existing fabrics, mainly old bedding. The jute bag is available in 4 color categories (yellowish, greenish, blueish, pinkish) in the webshop and many, many more great fresh colors. The colors within these categories may differ from each other. That’s just how it is with existing material that gets a second life. And we think that’s what makes the product. Each bag is unique.



Rework has also taken care of the printing, in their own screen printing shop at the Lorraine store.


You’ve read this far? Thanks🖤 Then you really need to treat yourself to a jute bag!

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