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12–16 July 2023

Welcome to the festival’s own food stand in collaboration with the local vegan food tinkerers of Outlawz: good mood food by OG (Outlawz & Gurtenfestival)! Together we are looking forward to spoil the Gurtenfestival visitors with fresh, delicious and vegan dishes during the five days from morning to night. From (nutritious) festival classics to breakfast pastries, you’ll find everything your heart desires at good mood food. The culinary accompaniment to the musical highlights that is delicious and a good mood guarantor!



  • Outlawz Döner (filled pita bread with; Outlawz Döner, spicy mayo, carrots, white cabbage, fermented red onions).
  • Teriyaki Pita (filled pita bread with; Outlawz Teriyaki, coleslaw, fresh spinach, peanuts)
  • French fries (ketchup or chili lime mayo)
  • Sweets from the Bakery in the Virtrine
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