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12–16 July 2023

A hot dog with sausage and bread is just any hot dog. If the sausage is specially made by Metzgerei Stettler in Schüpfen (BE) and the fine multigrain bread rolls by Hausbeck, then it’s Frau Hund’s hot dog. But even that is not enough for her. Sauces and fillings we make ourselves in Frau Hund’s kitchen from high-quality foods. Of course, we only use Swiss meat. Vegetarians and vegans also get their money’s worth at Frau Hund: instead of the meat sausage, each of the three hot dog creations can be enjoyed with a spicy vegan merguez.

Frau Hund is run by the three Hotel Management School Thun graduates: Nora Steinmann, Alex Prack, Christopher Maurer.



  • Deutsche Dogge (sauerkraut, honey mustard sauce, roasted onions)
    Römer Schnauze (arugula, tomato pepperoni salsa, truffle sticks)
    Bastardo (coleslaw, apple chutney, roasted tree nuts, sour cream)
    Sauhund (sausage, bread, ketchup & mayo)
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