Freak Flat Close
12–16 July 2023

The cup donation during the Gurtenfestival can confidently be called a tradition! Every year, the visitors can donate their surplus cups (worth CHF 2) to a good cause. The organisation or the purpose of the donation is chosen anew each year. In order to guarantee a varied commitment, also in the sense of diversity, and to live a transparent and low-threshold culture, organisations and associations can apply with their donation purpose. Our internal working group, which takes care of our so-called Kulturklima*, then selects this year’s donation purpose.

The deadline for applications has passed. Thank you very much for the many submissions. We are now sifting through them and will inform the organization that will be part of the Gurtenfestival in 2023 in mid / end February.


Criteria for the application

Reference values Gurtenfestival

  • The organisation / the purpose of the donation raises awareness and provides information on an important topic.
  • The organisation / cause enables inclusion, diversity, equality, social justice.
  • The organisation is located in the greater Bern area whenever possible and/or the donation benefits a project from the greater Bern area.
  • The purpose of the donation changes annually. This also ensures the desired diversity in all areas.

Reference to core festival themes

  • The purpose of the donation is in some way related to the core themes of the festival: music, culture, (young) people, sustainability (social, ecological, economic).


Selection procedure

The selection of the organisation is done democratically by the Kulturklima working group. The goal is a unanimous vote for a project. Furthermore, everyone must be able to argue conclusively how the project fulfils the criteria and fits in with this year’s edition.


Festival presence

The organisation will be given a stand in the Foody (food tent, near the main stage). There, they can actively advertise with their own staff, inform about the donation purpose and diligently collect donations. At the two crockery collection points, information will be provided on the purpose of the donation (by means of information posters) and visitors can donate their cups there directly. In addition, there will also be an information poster in the Festival Store, including the possibility to donate. In the run-up to the event, the Gurtenfestival will communicate the donation purpose and present it on its communication channels (homepage, newsletter, social media).


Performance of the organisation

With the application, the organisation agrees to be on site for 4 days during the festival with its own staff. The campaign information material will be provided by the organisation. The Gurtenfestival is responsible for the production of the information posters.


* The term and the long-term project Kulturklima means: We are always working on ourselves and dealing with how we can further strengthen the togetherness at eye level, the connecting of people as well as the sustainable, human-centred and future-oriented economy, anchor it even deeper in our structures and live it in our universe with all participants.