Freak Flat Close
12–16 July 2023

About café révolution

Around the worldwide Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrations in 2020, café révolution was born in the cultural venue PROGR in the center of Bern. With café révolution, the collective of the same name has created a physical safe space for women and non-binary people affected by racism and sexism in the middle of Bern. It is an attempt to give a space to the longing for exchange, networking and empowerment of these people – a space where we, the community, are allowed to practice the social design of a discrimination-free coexistence. As a platform for initiatives and projects that are anti-racist and anti-sexist, café révolution is also a response to the growing need of a broad public to confront sexism, racism and other discriminatory, structurally anchored ways of thinking and acting.

Purpose Use of Donated Funds:

As a non-profit association, we rely on donations and the countless hours of volunteer work by the founders of the collective and the numerous helpers from the community. The funds raised at the festival will benefit the “Black Futures” project. This is a series of different events and formats (concerts, readings, open-mic nights, workshops, potlatch dinners, etc.) that take place once a month at the safer space café révolution. The last Thursday of the month is envisioned. With the money, café révolution can invite guests, finance communication and provide infrastructure. And, for us, a central aspect is to organize the events as low-threshold as possible, so that people with few financial resources also have access.

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