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The Snuts

The Snuts



Tent Stage

Since Biffy Clyro and Franz Ferdinand, Scottish indie rock bands have been taking Europe by storm. The Snuts are the first Scottish band in 14 years to reach number one in the UK charts with their 2021 debut album “W.L”. With their raw, melodic guitar sound, the school friends from Whitborn, a small town between Glasgow and Edinburgh, have struck a chord: Unfiltered rock n’ roll, inspired by the early Arctic Monkeys or The Libertines, clearly in the heritage of 90s Britpop, but with a fascination for the bangers of Fatboy Slim and the storytelling of indie rock in its noughties heyday. Following their highly political and rebellious follow-up, “Burn the Empire”, The Snuts have recently released their third album, “Millennials”, on their own independent label, Happy Artist Records. It is more personal than its predecessor, but no less urgent: live, sugary ballads and touching acoustic festival moments meet pogoing and lots of movement, everything is set for the big ecstatic indie party.