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Tent Stage

Becoming famous almost overnight? Soffie’s story shows how quickly it can happen. On the 8th of January 2024, she uploaded a 35-second demo of her song “Forever Spring” to TikTok, and a few weeks later the song became the anthem for the hundreds of thousands of people who took to the streets in Germany to protest against right-wing extremism. And Soffie has more than a million monthly listeners on Spotify – with just three singles to her name. The fact that the 24-year-old Swabian has struck a chord with her songs is anything but a coincidence. She’s doing what women in German indie pop haven’t dared to do for a long time: banging beats, even better vocals, finally taking space for herself and everything she stands for. This is how Sofie Aspacher explains the two Fs in her stage name: “ff like fortissimo, because I’ve always been way too loud. Please keep it that way, especially on our tent stage where we sing together: “I would like to live in the land where spring is forever…”.