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Ski Aggu

Ski Aggu



Tent Stage

He is the German rapper of the year – and most people are sure that this is more than just hype. Hiding behind ski goggles, unmistakably with a blond mullet, he is the face of this generation. “D-D-D-D-D-Disco, Party Sahne, Disco, Disco, Party Sahne”, the laid-back rapped chorus of his first hit from 2022, set the tone for Aggu’s work: danceable electronic beats, catchy hooks, lots of humour, punchline after punchline. In 2023, the West Berliner hit number one in the German charts with “Friesenjung”, his speeded-up version of Otto Waalkes’ classic, which he performed with the comedian legend at last year’s Splash!. The charismatic German rapper has a clear point of view and advocates for consent: “Flirting is cool, but it’s only cool when it’s cool for everyone. Isso, case closed, like with AirPods”. Aggu’s live shows are a blast: From the very first second, the gifted entertainer gets his audience in rage mode, with mosh pit after mosh pit. The tent stage is ready to be shaken.