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Patent Ochsner

Patent Ochsner



Main Stage

Yes, they really are coming. Finally again. For the ninth time and yet they have somehow always been missing in between. Gurtenfestival world champions, inventors of the “Gurtenmoments”. Since their last two platinum albums “Cut up” (2019) and “MTV Unplugged” (2022), Patent Ochsner have been experiencing a huge success, the extended catch-up tour after Corona and everything around it is sold out, Switzerland is at their feet, in town and country, young and old, no band can do that. Five years have passed since the Ochsner’s last played at the Gurtenfestival, the legendary 2015 concert has even been released as a live album and if they played every night in 2024, no one would complain. So on Friday, everyone will once again be standing close together in front of the way too small main stage and singing to the heavens: “D Weeeeeeeeeeeeee…”.