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Oracle Sisters

Oracle Sisters



Main Stage

There’s a story worth telling behind this band, whose name is meant to sound as much like a biker gang as possible: Brussels childhood friends Lews Lazer and Christopher Willat moved out into the wide world and reunited in Paris in 2017 to run a newly opened cabaret called “Le Carrousel”, owned by a mutual friend, a stone’s throw from the Moulin Rouge. Amidst a thriving music scene with artists such as Papooz, Polo & Pan and L’impératrice, the two students started writing songs and soon met Julia Johanssen, a Finnish songwriter and drummer who shared their vision – the Oracle Sisters were born. Their debut EPs “Paris I” and “Paris II”, released in 2020 and 2021, were well received by the music press, and the single “Asc. Scorpio” became a hit, one of those songs that everyone has probably heard somewhere before. This was followed by a deal with New York label 22TWENTY and sold-out shows in London and Edinburgh. Their debut album “Hydranism”, released in 2023, took them to the Greek island of Hydra, where they wrote a whopping 35 songs in two months, eleven of which made it onto the album. It shows the band at their best: the depth and feeling of timeless folk meets the spirit of great pop songs, making the Oracle Sisters one of the most exciting acts on the French music scene.