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Kerala Dust

Kerala Dust



Tent Stage

The music that Kerala Dust have invented is almost hypnotic: Americana and blues are fused into the meditative groove of electronic club music, over which frontman Edmund Kenny sings into the microphone in his unmistakably deep voice, sometimes almost a whisper. Formed in London in 2016, the three-piece band now lives between Berlin and Zurich when they are not on a world tour through America, Australia, Central America or Europe. Their debut album “Light, West” was heavily inspired by their then new home of Berlin, its rich history and urban landscapes, set somewhere between Darkside and Angus Stone, but never quite leaving the London nightclubs where the band’s story began. On their new album “Violet Drive”, all the songs are based on drums. It was created in the Alps, in close collaboration with the busy Faber drummer Till Ostendarp, influenced by techno and krautrock, by legends like CAN, The Velvet Underground or Tom Waits, but always on this very own journey that can take you far away. The result is songs that often sound cinematic: Kerala Dust have a soft spot for films and indeed this music immediately evokes great images in the mind.