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Main Stage

After 2007, electronic music was never the same again. “We Are Your Friends” and “D.A.N.C.E.” formed the soundtrack of the millennials, no party was complete without them. redefining the French touch and becoming one of France’s most important music exports. The four studio albums “Cross” (2007), “Audio, Video, Disco” (2011), “Woman” (2016) and “Woman Worldwide” (2018) surprised with ever new musical influences, combining disco, house, techno, 70s rock, R&B, funk, metal and whatever else the duo could find, without losing their own unmistakable sound that is instantly recognisable. The live shows have always been a strength of the duo with the big glowing cross behind them, documented in the film “Iris: A Space Opera” from 2019, which is well worth seeing. The energy that Justice’s sound conveys goes through the whole body. And so the live shows of the two Grammy winners are explosive: Justice will send the Gurten into ecstasy.