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Main Stage

Oh, exactly, that one, yes. Her name may not be familiar to everyone, but at least one of her songs is. Jain had already scored a global hit with “Come”, and then “Makeba” (2016) took the French artist with roots in Madagascar to the top. The musical tribute to South African singer and anti-apartheid icon Miriam Makeba became a global TikTok phenomenon, with over a quarter of a billion streams on Spotify and countless videos on social media. Already a star in France, she performed more than 300 concerts around the world after her second album “Souldier” (2018). In 2019, she took an artistic break in a fishing hut in Marseille to recharge and re-emerge with the fantastic third album “The Fool”. Jain’s music crosses genres: Growing up in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Congo, she weaves diverse influences into her own multicultural style, fusing electro, pop and folk influenced by Parisian electronic music with nods to African rhythms and a touch of Britpop. “Can I get a oohe?”