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Main Stage


After a smaller – by his standards – club tour in more intimate settings, Faber returns to the big stages this summer. And anyone who has seen him play anywhere in recent years knows how big the theatre is. A band that has now grown to eight members and displays such an infectious joy of playing, and a songwriter whose lyrics are some of the cleverest and most polarising to be heard today. Indeed, Faber has played his way into the hearts of our neighbouring countries over the past few years and has become one of the best live acts in the German-speaking world. A debut EP and two outstanding albums, “Sei ein Faber im Wind” (2017) and “I fucking love my life” (2019), were followed by a celebrated live album, “Orpheum”, in 2022, and new material, “Addio”, will be released in June 2024 – just in time for us to hear the new lyrics at the Gurten show.