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Edwin Rosen

Edwin Rosen



Tent Stage

“Neueneuedeutschewelle” (NNDW) is the name of the genre founded by Edwin Rosen in his early twenties: Not far from the original NDW sound of the 80s, somewhere between new and dark wave, post-punk and synth-pop, paired with psychedelic soundscapes and catchy lyrics – in German, of course. NNDW began in 2020 with Rosen’s debut single “leichter//kälter”, which was released into the blue and soon landed at number six in the German single trend charts, a pandemic hit that was followed by the first EP “mitleerenhänden” in 2021 and various singles since then. The Stuttgart native finally proved that he was more than just an internet phenomenon with his first sold-out tour in 2022; Rosen played a full 60 gigs, including an impressive sold-out show at the Dachstock in Berne. The passionate skateboarder cites bands like The Cure, Joy Division and Die Selektion as his main influences, as well as Wir Sind Helden and the pop-punk of bands like Blink 182. This is probably the reason for the catchiness of his hits, which now bring him a million listeners a month on Spotify – and soon a full stage at the Gurten: “Let’s waste our time together”.