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Dabu Fantastic

Dabu Fantastic




Since their hit “Angelina” and the number 1 album “Drinks” from 2016, everyone in Switzerland has probably heard of Dabu Fantastic. The duo, made up of singer Dabu Bucher and DJ Arts, have a knack for catchy tunes and stories that move Switzerland. Inspired by Swiss folk music and co-produced by TV personality Nik Hartmann, Dabu says he has finally come into his own on their new release “So Easy” – their ninth studio album. The album mixes pop with vocals by the Swiss choir Molto Cantabile, recorded in the hall of the Hotel Drei Könige in Entlebuch, and brings two musical powerhouses on board: rapper Baze, Dabu’s role model, and To Athena. The band took this desire to collaborate to the next level on the remix album “So Easy Mitenand”, which brought together Swiss musicians of all genres, from Sina and Stress to Oesch’s Die Dritten. Who knows, maybe one of the guests will make an appearance on the Waldbühne?