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Brutalismus 3000

Brutalismus 3000



Tent Stage

“Nu Gabber Post Techno Punk” is the name of the music Brutalism 3000 are currently playing all over the world – zeitgeist in its purest form, carried by a new generation of ravers who have quickly risen to become the new techno stars of Europe. The Berlin duo Vassiliki Dallas and Theo Zeitner stand for intense techno, characterised by early gabber and hardstyle beats, with influences from wave and punk, paired with provocative, often political lyrics in Slovakian, English and German. Songs like “Satan was a Babyboomer” or the reinterpretation of Grauzone’s “Eisbär” put the big issues of the time to music, the EPs “Amore Hardcore” and “Liebe in Zeiten der Kola” from 2020 and “Eros Massacre” from 2022 as well as the current debut album “Ultrakunst” from 2023 accompanied the post-Corona era. Their shows in 2023 at the Dachstock and the Grosse Halle moved half the city of Bern, and now they are ready to shake the tent stage.