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Tent Stage

In 2020, she told the renowned music magazine Pitchfork that she wanted to become the “African princess of pop” – and indeed, Amaarae is well on her way to doing just that. Her first album “The Angel You Don’t Know” from 2020 was euphorically received by the music press, and her second album “Fountain Baby” was probably not missing from any critics’ list of the best albums of 2023. Raised between Atlanta and Accra, Amaarae combines percussive elements and sounds of Afrobeats and Alté with the intensity of trap from the US South, experiments with punk, R&B, flamenco, G-funk or rock and uses her wonderful voice with melodies that stick with you for a long time. Her international breakthrough came with the smash hit “Sad Girlz Luv Money” feat. Molly, which took off as a TikTok favourite and now has almost half a billion Spotify plays. The fact that she decided to make music herself, take singing lessons and study creative writing after an internship in a recording studio at the age of 17 is still our good fortune today: Amaarae will rock the tent stage on Wednesday.