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Tent Stage

0-10-99 is the Family. Named after the zip code of Dresden’s Neustadt district, the five digits now stand for a new kind of German rap: no sexism, lots of reflected joie de vivre, positive vibes, light lyrics with a tendency towards melancholy, great melodies, lyrics that are always on point. Gustav, Zachi and Paul first appeared on the scene in 2019 and are now regarded as the German voices of the 2000s. 01099 are a phenomenon, conveying the Zoomers’ attitude to life and hitting the nerve of our time. “It’s getting fresh outside and I’m turning two more. The speakers are too loud and they’re calling the police again”: the crew went viral during the coronavirus pandemic with “Frisch” and “Durstlöscher”, and their third album “Blaue Stunden” with guests such as Trettmann, Ski Aggu, Verifiziert and RIN went straight to number one in the German album charts in 2023. Now 01099 are finally playing in the top league of German-speaking artists – and this year, after 2022, they are back on the Gurten. “Say, how should it be different, should it be different?”