Freak Flat My Line-up Close
12–16 July 2023

We say “Another Love” and you say “Aaaaah yes, one of the most beautiful ballads of all time”. Because it’s true: Tom Odell is exactly the right man for the big feelings. He writes songs that are at the same time fragile and so full of power that they touch everyone. By the way, the Brit was discovered by Lily Allen about ten years ago. Not that that makes him cooler, but somehow it does. She of all people, who is one of the most successful artists in Europe, made it possible for him to sign his first record deal, laying the foundation for a career that has since gone gold, platinum, awards, countless chart placements and, since 2022, the dreamlike album “Best Day of My Life. Hand on heart, you don’t just go to the Gurtenfestival to let your hair down. You also want to indulge, cuddle, maybe even shed a tear. Tom Odell is your man.