Freak Flat My Line-up Close
12–16 July 2023

A second-rate DJ rarely comes alone. plattenleger mcw and DJ McFlury are coming to the Gurten again this year as a compact 2-pack. The well-rehearsed duo is good at playing with and against each other. They have practiced this at countless gigs at the Gurtenfestival, at the championship celebrations of YB and SCB, in the Bierhübeli or in the Gaskessel. In 2023, the two disco boys, a.k.a. “Statler & Waldorf of the Bernese disco half-world”, scour the shelves of the music supermarket for dance music. Everything that’s fun, moves hips and calves, rumbles, grooves or pops goes into the shopping cart. Everybody dance now!
Because dancing is the vertical execution of a horizontal desire by an upright individual!