Freak Flat My Line-up Close
12–16 July 2023

LyOsun – cool dude, “one-man-band” and his real name is Raphaël Litzistorf. He has a range of instruments like guitar, keyboard, saxophone, pad and even Ableton in his repertoire – but the best instrument he has is his smoky voice. Inspired by techno-melodic composers such as Thylacine, Fakear and Ben Böhmer, he decided to go with a new set during Pandemic that is even more rhythmic and danceable. When he mixes electro with ethnic sounds, it’s like a party in your ears! His first single “Modern Feeling” has already been played on national radio and has almost 30,000 views on YouTube. His second single “Platonic” has just been released and already proves that LyOsun is taking the Swiss and international electro scene by storm.