Freak Flat My Line-up Close
12–16 July 2023

La Gustav is like a musical melting pot, bringing together talented young artists from all over Switzerland to jam together and create beautiful melodies. Their goal is to unite people from different cultural, linguistic and social backgrounds through the power of music. With the help of coaches from home and abroad, the young talents dive deep into the world of music for a whole year. It is amazing how many hidden gems are discovered each year, launching their music careers thanks to the support of La Gustav. We’re talking about talents like Gjon’s Tears, Crème solaire, Lakna, Laura Scaglia, Marie Jay, David DiAlma, Jay Jules, Silance, Cinnay and others who have gained a foothold in the Swiss music scene.

Now the 2023 crew of La Gustav have been working their fingers to the bone to prepare some epic showcases. Get ready for a wild ride through rock, pop/folk, rap and soul and even world/chanson music.