Freak Flat My Line-up Close
12–16 July 2023

Hate is certainly never the solution, an arrogant attitude anything but sympathetic. Hatepop doesn’t care. Or in other words: The collective doesn’t want to be nice at all, because it is depressed and full of rage. And if you listen closely, it’s the right kind of against that the droning Hatepop sound stands for. In 2021 Hatepop released their debut album “Yungfuckups”, just recently the single “Ballöön” with the Bernese rapper Greis. Hatepop do not represent naive destructiveness, but a necessary rebellion against injustice, destructive power structures, yuppies, pressure to perform, a world where you can no longer be silent! And if Hate comes from the right side, and sounds as intoxicating as this mix of Hip-Hop, Pop, Drum’n’Bass, Punk, you name it, then it is actually nothing else than stormy love.