Freak Flat My Line-up Close
12–16 July 2023

Anyone who calls his first EP “Das isch mini erschti EP, merci fürs Lose” (This is my first EP, thank you for listening) deserves full attention. The debut was released in 2020 and Andryy, who had previously called himself Allen Finch and sang in English, moved straight to the center of the Swiss music scene with his surprising dialect metamorphosis. In 2021, all eyes were on the outstanding multi-instrumentalist in “Sing it Your Way” when he won the talent show with his final song “Ich liebes wie du mich verändrisch” (I love the way you change me). In the same year, he stunned with a fun fact: thanks to his video for the single “Julia”, inspired by the movie “Notting Hill”, it became clear how much Andryy resembles Hugh Grant. Be that as it may, the full attention will belong to the Winterthur native on the Gurten either way, when he, who could easily fill the stage with his beautifully soulful songs on his own, will shine far beyond the Waldbühne.