Freak Flat Close
17–20 July 2024

ALÉLÉFI are known for their hi-NRG music, shrill vocals and intimate melodies. With
label Cats Calling Back and as a DJ duo, sharing and playing music (co-)produced by FLINTA* artists is central for them.
artist:in (co-)produced music is central to them.
At the Gurtenfestival Isi from ALÉLÉFI will play B2B with Lisa Hill. They recently met in the basement of a
church and shared their techno collection. They will present a part of it on
July 13 at the Cosmodromestage of the Gurtenfestival.
Lisa Hill is originally a dancer and for a long time knew the club world only from the other side
of the DJ booth. When dance studios and clubs paused in 2020, she started DJing. With Isi she shares
love for heavy basslines, synthesizers and sound experiments.