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12–16 July 2023



01 Gurtenfestival Ticket Shop

Purchase your tickets exclusively via the Gurtenfestival Ticket Shop.

02 Where can I find my tickets?

You can find your ticket(s) in the Gurtenfestival Ticket Shop in your account or under tickets.

03 Be careful when buying tickets

Always buy your ticket through the organiser or official sales points. In our case, you can only buy tickets through the Gurtenfestival Ticket Shop.

04 Limitation

A maximum of eight tickets per person can be purchased per festival. The tickets are not personalised.

05 Free travel within Libero Zones 100/101

The festival wristband entitles the holder to free return travel by bus, tram or S-Bahn (2nd class) within Libero zones 100/101. For the first journey, the festival ticket is valid as a ticket (within Libero zones 100/101).

06 Tickets for wheelchair users

Wheelchair users receive a 20% reduced ticket. Please contact us at

07 Children

The Gurtenfestival is free of charge for children born 2011 and younger – accompanied by an adult. Identification is compulsory.

08 Trading is prohibited

The purchase of Gurtenfestival tickets for the purpose of resale (trade) is generally prohibited. Purchase tickets only through the Gurtenfestival Ticket Shop.

09 General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of the Gurtenfestival AG can be found here.

10 Secondhand tickets

Secondhand tickets will be available again in 2023.

We are happy to have the Secondhand Tickets again: The independent and non-profit project group that conceived and implemented the idea of the “Secondhand Ticket” will take part again 2023!

That means: On sold-out festival days, the Secondhand ticket exchange will take place from 22.00 and until 02.30 each day.

Exchange/sale/trade will take place exclusively down at the valley station in the Secondhand Meeting Zone!

And this is how it works: If you as a ticket owner want to rush off on a sold-out day before the end of the festival, you can sell your wristband to interested parties from 10 p.m. onwards in the exchange zone (and only there!) directly in front of the Gurtenbahn valley station. The price is up to the trading partners. If there is an agreement, the exchange takes place at the second-hand ticket counter: old wristband (seller) gone, new wristband (buyer) on. The Gurtenfestival only charges a fee of CHF 5.00 for the exchange of the new wristband. Otherwise, the Gurtenfestival AG assumes no liability or guarantee.

Important: Wristbands will only be issued for the current festival day. Sold or exchanged multi-day and comfort wristbands become “normal” day wristbands, which only grant admission on the current festival day!   

Donation box mountain station

If you come down from the Gurten earlier, you can also put your wristband in the donation box next to the clearing point until 9.30 p.m. at the mountain station – and donate it.

These donated wristbands will be handed over to new visitors at the secondhand ticket counter from 10 p.m. for a fee of CHF 5.00.

What else you need to know

  1. Only the exchange of wristbands is ensured at the secondhand ticket counter. Who pays whom how much is a matter of the traders among themselves. (Also, who pays the fee of CHF 5.00).
  2. The Gurtenfestival AG declines any liability between the trading parties (seller and buyer).
  3. The general terms and conditions of the Gurtenfestival AG apply to all festival visitors and all ticket types.
11 Sleeping Zone

In 2023 there will no longer be a Sleeping Zone. The demand for Sleeping Zone tickets has been steadily declining over the last few years and the construction of this area is enormously complex and cost-intensive.For the storage of luggage and valuables there are several lockers on the festival area, you can find all information here.

Enclosed you will find a list of accommodations in the city of Bern, which offer various special offers for the time of the festival.

Camping Eichholz  

  • Reservations for campers, caravans and vans are not possible, it is “first come, first serve”
  • It is best to reserve your tent site early
  • All further information can be found on the website of Camping Eichholz

Hotel Bären at the Bundesplatz  

  • On presentation of your festival ticket you will get a room discount: 1 night CHF 10.00 reduction, from 2 nights CHF 15.00 reduction per night

The offer is subject to availability and bookable via phone or email and cannot be cumulated with other discounts.

For bookings via online booking platforms (Booking, HRS, Expedia etc..) or spontaneous bookings on the same day the discount will not be granted.

Hotel Goldener Schlüssel Bern

  • Late Check-Out until 13.00

This offer is only valid for direct bookings via phone or email with the keyword “Gurtenfestival”.

Hotel Marthahaus Bern

  • Reduced room rates
  • From Friday to Sunday there is a hangover breakfast until 11 a.m.
  • Late check-out until 12.00 o’clock
  • You will also get a small goodie from the hotel

This offer is only valid for direct bookings via phone or email with the keyword “Gurtenfestival”.

Hotel Novotel Bern Expo  

  • So that you can also have breakfast after 10.00 am: You can take the breakfast box with you or have it comfortably in your room
  • There is also a coffee station

This offer is only valid for direct bookings via phone or email with the keyword “Package Gurtenfestival”.

Moxy Bern Expo

They have their own booking link with following offer:

  • Discounted rates for overnight stays CHF 169.00 for 2 persons incl. breakfast
  • Late Check-Out until 14.00 a.m
  • Breakfast is available until 11.00 a.m.
  • You can still treat yourself with a nightcap

The offer is only valid with booking via this link.


More tips for accommodations:

12 Ticket prices

Ticket prices will be increased in 2023. This is due to the general inflation, which already brought us additional costs in the six-digit range for the 2022 edition. The regular 1-day pass will be 5% more expensive and will now cost 121.- (2022: 115.-). In the course of the increase, we have also adjusted the discount structure. Until now, this was not uniform across the various ticket categories and did not follow a clear gradation. Now we are applying a simple, comprehensible and fair model: With each additional day you get a 10% discount. So if you buy a 4-day pass, you get the biggest discount.