Freak Flat Close
July 2023


Sleeping Zone

01 2-person tents

Due to space limitations, only 2-person igloo tents (max. 6m2) are permissible. Any other camping equipment (larger tents, additional covers, camping chairs, etc.) is not permissible in the sleeping zone (exception: tripod stools).

02 Playback devices not permissible

Playback devices with loudspeakers are not permissible on the festival grounds or in the sleeping zone. The sleeping zone is meant to be a place for retreat and recovery.

03 Permissible and non-permissible items and materials


  • Small pocket and digital cameras
  • GoPro cameras with handles no more than 25 cm in length
  • Cooler boxes
  • Perfume bottles and glass baby bottles
  • PET bottles and beverage boxes (no more than 3 litres per person)
  • Reusable aluminium drinks bottles up to 0.6 litres (e.g. Sigg or similar)
  • Parasols with a maximum diameter of 2 metres
  • Aluminium tubes (mayonnaise, mustard, etc.)
  • Small pocket knives (no more than 6 cm in length)


  • Aluminium and tin cans (exception: aluminium tubes for mayonnaise, mustard, etc.)
  • Equipment for audio recording and/or playback (with loudspeakers)
  • Bengal fires and other pyrotechnic articles
  • Photo, film, digital, and/or video cameras with exchangeable lenses
  • Selfie sticks, GoPro handles, telescoping handles, bipods/tripods longer than 25 cm
  • Gas stoves
  • Glass (except small perfume and baby bottles)
  • Confetti
  • Megaphones and musical instruments
  • Spray cans of any kind
  • Weapons or other dangerous items
  • Water balloons
  • Camping equipment (with the exception of tripod stools)
  • Drones

Our security personnel will conduct checks. Non-permissible items will be deposited in a container near the entrance where they may be picked up again after the festival. After 3 months, any non-collected items will be discarded.

04 Cooking and open fires

Cooking, digging, or making fires is not allowed on the festival grounds or in the sleeping zone.

05 Comfort

In the sleeping zone, enjoy lit passage ways, sufficient toilet facilities, a shower container with warm water (free), a separate security crew, and a spectacular view of the Bernes Alps. There are two passages between the sleeping zone and the festival grounds.

06 Cooler boxes

Cooler boxes are permissible in the sleeping zone.

07 Opening hours

The sleeping zone is open from Wednesday, 13th July, 10:00 a.m., until Sunday 17th July 2019, 12:00 noon

08 No advance camp site assignments for the sleeping zone

To ensure an optimal utilisation of the sleeping zone, camp sites for 2-person igloo tents are assigned upon arrival. Groups with several tents who wish to stay together need to be on site at the same time and present their sleeping zone tickets.

09 Lock boxes CHF 2.00

For valuables, sleeping bags, or spare items of clothing: rent a lock box for everything that’s important to you (costs: CHF 2.00 per opening or some can be booked digitally). Lockers are available on the tent stage area and in the Foody. Lock boxes are accessible around the clock and are self-service only.

Forgotten items can be retrieved after the festival at the lost and found office in the town of Köniz. As all found articles need to be sorted and entered into the system after the close of the festival, please allow several days before attempting to retrieve any lost items. Starting on Tuesday, 19th July 2022, you may look for lost items at or call +41 31 970 95 15. The lost and found office is located at Sägestrasse 42 in CH-3098 Köniz.

10 Parasols

Parasols with a diameter of up to 2 metres are allowed on the festival grounds.

11 Ticket presale for the sleeping zone

Spending the night in the sleeping zone is not included in the festival ticket. Each 2-person igloo tent requires one sleeping zone ticket (CHF 40.00). For more information please see Ticket sales.

12 Drinking water

Sun exposure, partying, and alcohol consumption can dehydrate the body. It is therefore all the more important to drink non-alcoholic beverages or water on a regular basis. There are several free water stations throughout the festival grounds.

13 Wild camping

Camping in the forest or anywhere outside the sleeping zone is not permitted.

14 Access with valid festival wristband only

Everyone with a valid festival wristband may enter the sleeping zone. With a valid festival wristband you may spend the night in the sleeping zone and stay there until 12:00 noon the next day. Example: with a Friday wristband you may stay in the sleeping zone until 12:00 noon on Saturday.