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July 2023



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The Gurtenfestival 22 is Cashless. Every person gets a Cashless Card with the festival wristband. This must be registered online once. Afterwards, the card can be topped up at any time and the account balance and bookings can be called up. After the end of the festival the remaining balance will be refunded automatically. This transfer will be made to the account last used when loading the card. The card can be disposed of in all common plastic collections.

02 What do I need to do before the festival?

You don’t have to do anything before arriving at the festival!

You get your individual Cashless Card when you exchange your wristband on site. Afterwards you can register online and easily top up your card at any time and check your account balance. After the end of the festival your remaining balance will be refunded automatically. This transfer will be made to the last account used for the top-up.

03 Can I only pay cashless at the Gurtenfestival?

Yes, on the whole festival area and in the Sleeping Zone you can only pay cash-free with your Cashless Card. All food and beverage stands, bars, boulevard and partner stands as well as the Festival Store etc. only accept the Cashless Card as a means of payment. Cash payments are not possible under any circumstances.

Exceptions/Specials: Cash can be used for the use of the lockers (CHF 2.00 per lock) – however, they can also be booked digitally. The festival parking lot can be paid in cash or with all major cards (CHF 60.00), but not with the Cashless Card. The VIP area is cashfree, i.e. no cash is accepted there, but all common card payments and of course the Cashless Card.

04 Where can I get my Cashless Card?

You get your cashless card when you exchange your wristband. You don’t have to do anything in advance.

05 Is there a card deposit for the Cashless Card?

No, you get your Cashless Card for free. The card can be disposed of after the festival in all common plastic collections.

06 How and where can I load credit?
  1. Scan the QR code on your card or open
  2. Click on “Load card”.
  3. Register yourself.
  4. Enter your tag number. It is printed on the Cashless Card in the white bar.
  5. Select the amount you want to load on your Cashless Card. You can also enter an allowance.
  6. Select the payment method you want to use for the transaction.
  7. Complete the external payment process.
  8. Your Cashless Card is loaded & you can now use it to pay anywhere on the festival grounds.
  9. Take a picture of your card so that you know your tag number in case of loss – safe is safe.
  10. In your account you can now check your account balance and the last bookings at any time and recharge your card.
  11. If you have any question or problems you can contact or visit one of the two clearing points on the premises.
  12. The remaining credit will be automatically transferred back to your last payment account after the festival until July 20th 2022.
07 Are there minimum and maximum amounts on the Cashless Card?

Yes, you can load a maximum of CHF 500.- onto the Cashless Card. The Cashless Card can be topped up to this maximum amount at any time. The minimum amount per top-up is CHF 10.-.

08 In which currencies can I load the Cashless Card?

You can load the Cashless Card with Swiss francs.

09 Will I receive a receipt for the purchase of credits?

No. You can view your bookings at any time under “Activities”, but receipts cannot be issued.

10 I don't have a smartphone, now what?

Recharging and managing the Cashless Card is basically done digitally only. If you do not have a smartphone or internet, you have the following options:

1. have your Cashless Card topped up by a friend. Several wallets, i.e. several cards, can be managed per account. This can be done with your payment method (all common cards, Twint etc.), so that the credit is automatically refunded to your account.

2. buy a preloaded Cashless Card in our Festival Store. We have a limited number of Cashless Cards loaded with amounts from 50 – 200 CHF. You will find the Festival Store right next to the main stage.

11 What do I do if my Cashless Card is lost, stolen or damaged?

1. report to one of the clearing points at the main entrance or at the tent stage.
2. there you will get a new cashless card by showing your ID. The remaining amount on your lost card will be transferred to the new card.

12 How do I pay with the Cashless Card?

Contactless – hold the card to the device, done!

13 Can I leave a tip?

Yes, you can.

14 Do I need a PIN code for the payment process?

No. For the payment process you only need a Cashless Card with loaded credit.

15 Is the crockery deposit also billed and reimbursed via the Cashless Card?

Yes, of course, if the dishes are returned correctly, the deposit will be credited back to your Cashless Card.

16 The festival is over and I would like to get my remaining balance on the Cashless Card refunded. How do I proceed?

You don’t have to do anything. Your remaining balance will be automatically transferred to the last payment account you used by July 20, 2022.

17 What happens to the Cashless Card after the festival?

The cards cannot be reused, but you can easily dispose of them in plastic collection points.

18 Who can I contact with questions or problems?

If you have any questions or problems, you can always send an email to At the festival you can report to the Clearing Point at the main entrance or to the Clearing Point tent stage.