Freak Flat My Line-up Close
12–16 July 2023

Tracksuit fits, hair fast, mouth loose – A thick pinch of internet humor, paired with disgusting battle raps, born with a unique sense for hooks and a lot of trailer park charm. Jule X has come to stay. From the first second you don’t forget this guy.

Pairs of eyes gaze lustily after the Vöku, who casually sticks out of the roof of the convertible, unchanged. Waved backwards by the wind and with constant praise of his rap prosperity, he still lets the tears roll silently down your cheeks in your student flat-share between ravioli cans and office plans. While you were practicing for some hip-hop cyphers, for which exactly your three sweaty friends feigned interest, Jule X landed a huge success with his debut single “Dr DJ isch”. It hailed top marks from SRF Bounce and glorious shoutouts from the Champions League of the Swiss music landscape.

Now the energy shows itself live. Accompanied by Astro Burger in the Birkin Bag and Anru with the canned beer, the suburban dream team also storms your stage!