Freak Flat My Line-up Close
12–16 July 2023

Crystallmess, a French artist and producer, creates music that immediately catches attention with its abrasive dancefloor feel. She gained recognition for her debut EP “MERE NOISES,” which drew attention from Kode9, VTSS, and Split from PAN label. In addition to being an NTS resident, Crystallmess is a curator for Boiler Room, Nova Mix, and a Vice journalist. She has performed at prestigious contemporary art venues such as Lafayette Anticipation and the George Pompidou Center, and will soon have her first exhibition at Tramway in Glasgow. Her DJ sets range from hardcore rap to footwork, and she has performed at renowned festivals and clubs worldwide, including Berghain, Dekmentel, and Primavera, as well as this year’s Coachella with Frank Ocean!