Freak Flat My Line-up Close
12–16 July 2023

A wild ride through the hippie seventies, then again a dark melodic dive into the grunge of the nineties or simply post-pandemic chilling in the year 2023: With Cari Cari, you’re never sure which time zone you’re in. Professionals praise the current album “Welcome to Kookoo Island” in the highest terms. And they even admit to “a pinch of Morricone” (FM4, a station from Austria, where Cari Cari come from). So everything is cool in the Wild West? That’s to be expected, but above all an entertaining concert – the duo, consisting of Stephanie Widmer (vocals, drums & didgeridoo) and Alexander Köck (vocals, guitars), is fully DIY and does everything themselves, from the music video to the stage design. And that’s not only good, it’s great.