Freak Flat Close
12–16 July 2023
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Dear 2020

You have been a crazy, absurd and exhausting year. We discussed, stayed at home, physically distanced ourselves, lived flexibility in extremis, always thought, planned, cursed, canceled and pulled ourselves up again in 100 scenarios.

We had so many plans, we were full of energy and we were looking forward to the 4 days of the festival. So then, no worse. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened – in addition to all this crazyness, we also lost a team member, a person close to our hearts, who left us far too early and will always be with us, in our minds and hearts.

How upset have we been about the many speculative, fear-fueling moments, the partial lack of solidarity, populism, our ailing system, the lack of a culture lobby and the missing or minimal recognition of the systemic relevance of our and other industries, and much more.

But what did we enjoy, whether it was a lot of industry friends, good ideas, lived togetherness, pause, culture, our privilege and little everyday things.

2020, we don’t really know how to say goodbye to you. Most aptly, probably with a large and necessary portion of ambivalence: Go f *** yourself, goodbye & bye, you once more humility and modesty taught us, intensive, instructive year. We will never forget you for several reasons, but we will certainly not miss you. And despite or precisely because of all of this, we will be even stronger than before because you forced us to train so much.

And now to you, dear 2021: If we have learned one thing in the past few months, it is this: Come what may, we will take you as you are and have long separated us from our fixed ideas. Nevertheless, we would like to make two or three wishes: Take a good look at everyone, preferably only put stones in the path of those who can carry them, and please let us be together again soon – just like in the good old days, with hugs , great emotions and a lot of euphoria! Because, at least here it’s true: it used to be better in this regard.

We only have one intent: Together, happily and as best as possible, tackle and master all obstacles, challenges and steep slopes.

With a lot of love for you, all of our culture friends, loyal festival fans, partners and other Gspänlis. Pop the corks and allow yourself a moment of carefree!

Yours truly, Gurtenfestival